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Jane Cowmeadow

Read Gregs update from his final training camp before the Games!

Hi there,

This will be the last update before the games. It’s going pretty well and I feel good. Our stroke man, Stan is back and I think we are improving daily!

I hope you are all doing well and business is good.

I am writing this from a nice hotel in Portugal. We are training here in the sun and on fairly calm water in preparation for returning next Monday (23rd) for the Games. We all know that we will be lucky to experience similar conditions in Dorney in a few weeks however it’s great to be able to work on our technical points and to do our sharpening work here.

I feel nervous and excited right now. I really do feel like I am on the edge of something special. I know from past experience, and a very good little speech that Steve Redgrave gave at my first Olympics, that this competition is special and you can make anything happen here. We usually get some pressure in rowing but I know this will be different.

I am pleased with our preparation for the Games and I feel happy that we are doing everything we can. I know that ultimately the day to perform comes around we will be ready to go. Our time to perform is close.

I’ve attached a photo that shows I am also still prepared to learn new things and I consider myself a ‘sponge’ not a ‘rock’ – in the pic I am wearing a tight fitting compression recovery suit. (of course I’m only wearing it for the performance benefit – no other personal reasons!)

I want to thank you for your support and I hope we will all enjoy the final chapter of this story. (Incidentally the whole story will be available at all good bookshops soon after the Games and definitely in time for Christmas. It will bear the same title as this email!!!)

Whatever happens I hope you will enjoy the Games and I hope to have made it extra special to everyone there.

All the best,