Jessica Ennis-Hill once again World Heptathlon Champion


Jane Cowmeadow

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Once again Jessica Ennis-Hill put on a show of what it takes to be the best in the world. A steely determination and unrivalled ability to raise her game when required resulted in her winning gold at the Beijing World Championships after giving birth to her son, Reggie, just 13 months earlier.

A well documented year of intermittent training hampered by a recurring achilles injury did little to dim her determination in the Birds Nest in Beijing and a series of 7 solid performances kept her in the lead from the second event through to the final 800m. In true Ennis-Hill style winning the 800m was the only option and a last surge from the bend into the final 100m saw her take gold and win in style with a total points tally of 6669.

She immediately paid tribute to the team behind her who have worked hard with her to get her well on the road to her best.

Ennis-Hill now knows that she can be a great mum to her little boy whilst at the same time be a great athlete – which gives her even more confidence going into an Olympic year in 2016.


There is more to come.