Jessica Ennis-Hill to miss competing in Tallin heptathlon


Jane Cowmeadow

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s coach Toni Minichiello has taken the decision to withdraw her from the event. Ennis-Hill, who has yet to make her season debut due to an ankle injury, will continue to train and receive treatment rather than put it through unnecessary high levels of impact.

“I have been running and putting some force through the ankle but Toni and I feel that doing a heptathlon is not the best option to achieving a full recovery, and day by day it is feeling much more free and comfortable. This season’s focus has to still be the heptathlon in Moscow and there are many other options to compete before then.”

Ennis-Hill’s coach Toni Minichiello added:
“Jessica does not need to do a heptathlon before Moscow – but it would have been useful.  However, given her ankle is making slow but steady progress and things are looking much better we don’t feel it is worth rushing it to compete this weekend in all seven disciplines.  My job is to get her to Moscow in one piece, and in good shape, and that is my priority.”